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Erie UpLink's vision is a community of caring in Erie, Colorado where folks work together to fulfill the basic life needs of every Erie child and family.
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Erie UpLink's Tiger Packs program is "Erie folks feeding Erie folks"
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 Provide Financial Support for: 
-Adult meals for Summer Lunch in the Park
-Warm winter gear/seasonal clothing
-Emergency Food assistance
-Student Support (Collegiate Crossings, special needs)

Organize a Packing Event: with your family, team, organization
-Assemble Tiger Packs (instructions on the right)
-Create Personal Care Kits (pictured below)
-Collect NEW socks, hats, gloves, pajamas in all sizes
-Season Treats- Girl Scout Cookies, hot coco/s'mores kits, 
                summer fun items, Valentine cards and treats
- Sign up in August for Tiger Packing with your group

Erie UpLink is organized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your charitable gift is very much appreciated and tax-deductible. Make checks payable to “Erie UpLink” or donate via Pay Pal on the above link.

Erie UpLink’s Tiger Packs
Tiger Packs are food-filled backpacks sent home with students from 7 Erie schools with non-perishable, kid-friendly food items to supplement children’s healthy diets over the long weekend or holiday break. Students take the food-filled backpack home on the last day of school before a long break and return the empty backpack when they go back to school. Families request Tiger Packs based upon their financial need for food assistance. 

Needed for Each Tiger Pack:  
Please assure expiration dates are 8/2020 or later

1 plastic grocery bags (doubled) tied loosely 
3 instant oatmeal packets 
5 healthy snack/granola bars 
1 small jar peanut butter (or 2 pb snack cups) 
1 beef jerky stick/Slim Jim
2 fruit leathers/fruit snacks/box craisins
1 real fruit juice box 
1 fruit cup, 1 pudding cup 
2 squeezy apple sauces 
2 cans soup 
3 ramen noodles 
2 Mac-n-Cheese boxes 
1 packet trail mix 
1 mini cereal box

Instructions: Assemble each item listed above in a plastic grocery bag (doubled), Please assure expiration dates on each item are 8/2020 or later. Tie the bag loosely. We collect these Tiger Packs on an ongoing basis and can add what you packed to those packed by others to meet the need each month, so any number of bags any time is a great help. 
Contact Erie UpLink at erieuplink@gmail.com when you have bags ready to drop off and we will arrange to meet you at the Packing Center (77 Erie Village Square Suite 280 Erie).

Personal Care Kits - travel sized toiletries in Ziploc Bags. Includes items such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, chapstick, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, klenex, make-up wipes, sunscreeen.  
Food assistance programs such as SNAP do not allow for the purchase of toiletries, so these items are a great help to families on a tight budget. 
Tiger Packs include individually packaged food items collected throughout the year and distributed through 7 Erie Schools for long weekends/holidays- so expiration dates are important! 
All Tiger Packs food is donated by Erie individuals and groups.